21 essential items to remember for your big day and what not to do

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Having that nervousness on your wedding eve? It is not uncommon and not peculiar to you. Feeling jittery the night before and even the day before is always associated with weddings. However, here are 21 things you can do on your wedding eve to overcome that nervousness and feel at ease within yourself before your big day.

1. Treat yourself to a healthy meal.

Though you may crave for that greasy pizza and a bag of cool ranch Doritos, go for fresh fruits and whole grains instead. This will protect you from having food hangover and feeling heavy when you wake up on your wedding day.

2. Have your items already packed into a bag.

Pack your items like your reception clutch and post-reception bag and hand it over to a trusted ally who will ensure that your things are already awaiting you in your hotel room or bridal suite.

3. Drink enough water.

Drink enough water, preferably cold water. This will prevent you from getting dehydrated through stress and running around that comes with a wedding ceremony.

4. Ensure you sleep soundly.

Try to take your mind off any stress and get to bed early enough. Good night rest is an excellent way to start off your big day.

5. Take your eyes and hands off your phone.

Replying text messages or checking in on social media can wait. Put your phone in silent mode or better still switch it off.

6. Pack the boxes and, bags you would need at the ceremony inside the car.

Save yourself the stress of having to lift heavy boxes in the morning by packing every box or bag you would need at the wedding in the car the night before.

7. Have enough cash at hand.

Having enough cash with you helps excellent deal in taking care of some emergency needs that require money.

8. Ensure you have the payment for vendors.

Ensure that payments for vendors are well sorted out. Either digitally such as using PayPal or Venmo or through cash and checks, putting in a clearly labeled envelope and give them to your a trusted person for proper handling.

9. You need a survival kit.

Have some necessary items packed into a small bag in case there is a need for them. You can pack a little number of safety pins, packets of Advil, a handful of Band-Aids and even hair ties.

10. Have a list of vendor details.

It is vital that you have information about a vendor like their name, phone number and time of arrival. You can give the list to a trusted person who will check them up.

11. Send a love note to your groom

Write something short but romantic and sweet to your groom, to remind the guy taking you down the aisle that he has your absolute love. It is about the two of you.

12. You would need a pair of flip-flops.

Of course, there would be moments when you want to give your feet a time-out, so you need to have these flip-flops near you. You may want to put them on either before or during the reception.

13. Get the stress off by watching something funny and exciting.

Get yourself into a relax and joyous mood by watching some funny or comical videos on Youtube or Netflix. Enjoy yourself.

14. Treat yourself a manicure and pedicure.

Give yourself a befitting manicure and pedicure. Spoil yourself a little, and it’s worth it.

15. Designate someone as your morning-after person.

The person will be responsible for the collection of all your wedding gifts after the whole show and also ensure that you forget nothing at the party’s venue.

16. Show your appreciation

Before the wedding day stress, ensure you show appreciation and gratitude to people in advance for staying around you. They deserve to be appreciated. Hug your bridal train and give your family a “thank you” kiss on the cheeks.

17. Go for shoes that fit you properly.

Go for shoes that you will be comfortable with and try walking with them for few seconds, making some dance steps with them as well to save you the stress and see how long you can hold on before your feet react.

18. Verify with vendors.

Ensure that your vendors know where and when they are to show up. They should also be informed about the name and phone number of your point person to locate her easily.

19. Take deep yoga-like breaths.

Meditate and take a deep breath for five minutes before you tuck yourself under the bed cover. This will help you to relax.

20. Do not skip your usual nightly beauty rituals.

Avoid skipping your usual beauty routines. Apply your face mask, moisturizer or anything that suits your pre-wedding beauty routine. Remember it is your last opportunity to look your best on your great day.

21. Get in one last kiss!

Are you two sleeping together or separately? Whatever you both decide on, make sure you both enjoy some last moments together as fiancés. It is about the two of you.

Things Not to Do the Night Before Your Wedding

You now know what you should do on the wedding eve, here’s what you should also try as much as possible to avoid doing before your wedding day. If you want a wedding day that is less hectic, then avoid the following.

1. Don't sweat the small stuff.

Avoid stressing yourself. You should know that you can’t do everything or have control over everything, so do what you can and look forward to your big day with enthusiasm.

2. You can delegate some DIY projects.

Save yourself from the unnecessary Last-minute rush by ensuring that all your DIY projects are done before your big day. You can delegate responsibilities to your family or bridal train to help you out if there is a need for it.

3. Avoid writing vows.

If you are going to give a speech at your wedding, it is better to have tried your hands out on that weeks or days before the wedding as writing vows or speech on the night before the wedding will weigh you down or get you emotional.

4. Don't conclude the seating chart.

While it is better to have concluded your seating charts a minimum of two weeks before the wedding, some unforeseen circumstances can still lead to some adjustments in the dying minutes.

5. Avoid over partying at your rehearsal dinner.

You should be ready to drink the same quantity of water as the alcohol you take in. Taking too much alcohol can make you feel exhausted and puffy. You should also ensure you sleep soundly so that you look fresh in the morning.

6. Don't sunbathe.

You wouldn’t want a sickening look on your face on your big day, therefore, avoid excessive exposure to the sun as much as possible. Also, try to avoid spray tans the day before.

7. Don't change your skincare routine.

It is better to maintain your skincare routine until your wedding day. Applying facial or chemical peel does take some weeks before it shows results. And if your skin does not have enough time it could break out or become irritated when you are trying to purify it of toxins.

8. Avoid trying new foods.

You wouldn’t want to have digestive issues on your wedding day, so don’t eat foods that are new to your digestive systems which could make them react negatively.