8 Tips For Booking Your Florist

March 14, 2019

8 Tips For Booking Your Florist
(Without The Headache)

Aren’t flowers just lovely? They represent embodiments of nature’s pleasing serenity. Flowers vary, and each type comes with an entirely different aura: romantic, modern, whimsical, rustic and so much more. Are you planning on hiring a florist for your wedding? Then ensure you follow these steps.

1. Know you flower style

Contrary to your sophisticated and moderate ideas, some florist might decide to go for the tall and luxuriant arrangement. Getting to know more about many centerpieces, floral terms, and flower types will go a long way in helping you establish your style. This will give you an edge and background idea which will come in handy when discussing with your florist.

8 Tips For Booking Your Florist 1

2. Be sure of your floral needs

Knowing your floral need is very important because it helps you determine how much planning and design your budget can handle. Are you looking for who to design the reception tables and ceremonial aisle? Then a floral designer is definitely what you need. And if an already existing design is what you like, then a regular florist will do just fine. 

8 Tips For Booking Your Florist 2

3. Create your floral budget

Often, people get carried away and end up spending more than average. So, therefore having a number in mind is advisable. First of all, create your floral budget. Décor and flower shouldn’t be above 10 percent of your whole budget. And if you end up seeing a flower you like so much, then be ready to inflate the numbers.

4. Get recommendations

Recommendations are highly advisable. You can’t walk up to any flower store and starts making reservations. Surf the internet for suggestions. If possible, meet up with newlyweds that you may know. Listen to their advice and experience. That way, you can tell and know which particular florist meets your taste and budget.

5. Meet your florist 

Arrange appointments with your “shortlist” of florists long before your wedding. Get to know them better by interacting with them. Check out their portfolios and previous job experience. And if you have time, do some little research on them. We all need a florist we can honestly trust with our floral decisions.

6. Showcase your ideas

Feel free to share your ideas with photos of your wedding gown, bridesmaid dress swatch, floral styles, and designs, etc. when interviewing your “shortlisted” florists. After all, it is your wedding we are talking about, let them know the kind of wedding you are looking forward to – a moderate one or an alluring and enticing wedding. Don’t leave out any tiny detail.

7. Weight up proposals

Have a second interview with the successful florists you’ve handpicked out of the rest. Be sure to explain in details the exact kind of services you want. Also, don’t hesitate to tell them to submit a well-detailed proposal which should cover the cost of materials, set up and breakdown costs, and each proposal should be based on your wedding vision and budget. Feel free to share your range of ideas and get creative.

8 Tips For Booking Your Florist 3

8. Choose a winner

After a careful perusal of the submitted proposals, don’t hesitate to choose the best among them all. It is highly advisable to have your florist a few months before the wedding. However, if you still feel uncomfortable about the costs or details of the proposal, feel free to discuss them with the florist. In cases of no inconveniences, then your florist would draw out a formal contract from the approved proposal. With these steps taken, your wedding is going to be breathtaking.