Angelina’s Christening | New York Family Photography


The beautiful Angelina Stella was christened on September 27th at the Archangel Michael Greek Orthodox Church in Port Washington, NY, and I was absolutely honored to be asked to photograph the event.

The christening itself was a full Greek Mass, with plenty of beautiful moments and lots of tears (the good kind). I loved when Alexandra, Angelina’s mom, looked at her baby with such a loving expression just as Angelina was dunked into the water and crying. Those are my favorite kinds of moments to capture.

After the christening, there was a reception at the Swan Club in Roslyn, NY. Angelina was getting ready for a nap, so we grabbed some family portraits really quickly before we met up with about 120 people at the reception.

The family and friends that came to celebrate Angelina were super nice and so much fun! Besides the traditional Greek dancing, there was the Money Dance as well. Forget gravy boats and teapots—Greeks give you stuff you really want to take home! Europa Sound kept everyone moving! 

Thank you, Henry & Alexandra, for allowing me to be part of this special moment in your family! Your family was truly so fun and wonderful—thank you again.

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