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Creative Ways to Entertain Your Wedding Guests

Caricature Art

A photo booth can be tons of fun, but why not think outside the box? Hire one of your friends to stand in front of a white sheet and paint a cartoon version of you? You can even get a professional photographer to photograph your friend’s caricature for you. This idea is perfect for creating cute items for holiday cards or building extra entertainment into your wedding party festivities.

Video Booth

A video booth is perfect for fun wedding entertainment options! You can offer minutes-long selfies or even let your guests act like paparazzi by capturing your big day with their phones.

Awards Ceremony

Create an award ceremony instead of giving out individual prizes. This can be especially helpful if you want to avoid having guests compete with one another for the same items. Also, your attendees wont have their hands full trying to figure out what candy or gift to give during a formal presentation.


Some couples choose to have a karaoke party at their wedding for fun activities that will bring everyone together. If you want to include singing, you can even hire a professional singer-songwriter to give speeches.


Music plays an important role in any dance party, and no music is better than bad music! Bring some of that fun spirit to your wedding by setting up a danceroom for guests to get creative. If you have an organist, have them play something traditional, like a waltz or pork anything to get those feet moving!. Have plenty of extra time to watch all those great moves on display as you walk down the aisle.


Add some entertainment value to your wedding with a fun slideshow. You can play music or show photos from the big day. Or you can do a dance party that features all of your favorite moments.

Food Trucks

A food truck can be fun, interactive, and unique and usually serves delicious cuisine. Most cities have dozens of different food trucks in their repertoire, so chances are one or more of them will match your wedding style perfectly. And if for some reason you don’t want to use your venue as a kitchen, this is an easy way to offer some new tastes while also promoting local business.

Ice Cream Station

Who doesn’t loves ice cream? Me, you don’t want me driving you or your kids around all day while you entertain your guests! But there are ways to create an ice cream station that is both fun and safe for everyone involved.

Board Games

A great way to get guests involved in fun party games is to bring out the board games you’ve been meaning to play since high school or college. If you have a few minutes before everyone arrives, throw down some bingo cards or set up a trivia game for your friends to get familiar with.

10) Backyard Games

Its always fun to play games, and you can bring just about any backyard game room to your home even ones that cost money! You don’t have to stick to toys or provide any prizes.

11) Campfire

An indoor campfire is all the rage these days, but definitely not for your wedding guests. Instead of using colorful lanterns or battery lights, consider throwing an actual fire party and burning things!

12) Fireworks

They may be unexpected, but fireworks are an exciting way to end your wedding ceremony and start your celebration. And if you want something that will really get your guests hearts racing, plan a location-specific finale, such as a mountain display at your venue where you invite everyone to watch together.

Games are fun party games that can be easier to set up than more traditional entertainers, like stand-up comedy or magic tricks. Plus, they’re tons of fun! Try one of these game types at your wedding for a fun way to celebrate with your guests.