Devon and Kelle | Brooklyn NY Engagement

April 16, 2015


I was so excited when New York State passed the same-sex marriage law that I took to social media to celebrate. I posted on my Facebook page:

Congratulations to NYS for passing the Same-Sex law. In commemoration, I will photograph the wedding of one couple who contacts me first, For Free.

Devon and Kelle were that lucky couple.

So in the spring, we met for their engagement session in the Greenpoint neighborhood of Brooklyn. Greenpoint was important to the couple because they had both lived there and had a lot of special memories all around.

LB, Devon’s dog, is a big part of their lives and both Kelle and Devon really wanted to photograph a few images with her. And we made sure to stop in a local wine store that Devon and Kelle’s good friends own and ended up snapping a few of my favorite images in the store.

Thank you Devon and Kelle for allowing me to follow along on your Greenpoint adventure!

Keep an eye for the next blog post to check out their beautiful wedding!

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