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So you’re engaged to the love of your life - what better way to celebrate than by having a special engagement photo shoot? As well as being the perfect way to announce your engagement to the world, it’s also a brilliant way for you to prepare for your wedding day, where you’ll no doubt be photographed from dawn to dusk. Believe it or not, there’s a lot more to being photographed than simply smiling, so a bit of practice before the big day certainly won’t go amiss - and it’s also a great way for your wedding photographer to get to know you, which will help them make your wedding day photos even more special!

From simple portraits with your newly betrothed to full-day photoshoots with a range of outfit changes and settings, there are many different ways to approach an engagement shoot. Whatever kind of engagement photo album you’re after, the most important thing is that it tells the story of you as a couple, and reflects your love for each other, as well as the excitement of spending your lives together.

Additionally, engagement photos can help in the process of planning and organizing the wedding. Couples often use their engagement shots as part of their save the date or invitation mailouts. Wedding websites are also becoming increasingly popular as a way for the couple to manage RSVPs and other guest communications, and engagement photos will help to add a polished and personalized look to each page.

Many engagement photoshoots aim to recreate the proposal itself, either by taking place in the same location, or by staging the entire down-on-one-knee act itself. Most couples, however, simply want to have a selection of professional and romantic photos to capture the essence of their relationship, and commemorate their commitment to one another. There’s no limit to the different kinds of settings couples can choose for their engagement shoots, but popular options include parks, forests and beaches. Iconic settings such as famous bridges, huge cathedrals and rooftops at sunset are also great choices, particularly if they have a special meaning to the couple.


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