helpful tips for corporate headshots

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Professional headshots are a must for any business owner.

For starters, a professional headshot is an incredible way to show off your personality. Corporate photography can be done well, but it’s not always done personally, which means that you may have had another shot taken of you—or maybe you posted something online yourself. A professional headshot tells your story in all its glory!

A professional headshot can help you make a great first impression, whether it’s at your job search or in meeting new people who are likely to be interested in working with you.

There are plenty of candidates that have just as much experience as you do but don’t offer as good an image as you do. An executive portrait session is a perfect way to let everyone know how valuable you are and what you look like without talking about your personal story all the time.

Use a variety of expressions.

Every single shot you take doesn’t have to be a deadly serious expression. Of course, you want to look professional, but that doesn’t mean you can’t crack a smile or even laugh now and then. And definitely don’t use the same forced grin for every image. The more variety you have in your expressions, the better your images will turn out.

Keep it simple.

For your first session, you may feel like you need to use several props or accessories. But don’t! This will make your client think you are busy but professional and not willing to spend time putting together an image they might end up with anyway. After all, these are your trademarks—the things that define your business and show off your brand. Don’t overload yourself just because someone else thinks you should.

Haircut time.

If you get your hair cut and/or colored do it about a week before the session. This is when the hair looks the best and natural

Leave your look to the pros.

Most likely you’ve seen someone else’s “work resume” or employee intros, but have you ever actually looked at their photo gallery? While it may sound simple, skimming through hundreds of photos can be incredibly distracting and take away from how you appear in person. Instead, trust us and leave that task to the professionals. A professional photographer will know what settings to use and where to place your subjects in relation to one another—and also has the experience and expertise to make sure that all your images are consistent and perfectly match your branding.

Choose the right outfit.

Before you even think about how to dress for your session, you should have a clear idea of what style portfolio is most important to you. While some people may be more comfortable in a formal setting, others feel most confident in their everyday outfits. Even if you’re not sure exactly what type of look you want, bring several options with you to your session so you can take care of business (and your vacation photos!) without worrying about looking perfect.

Turn up the tunes.

Music is a great way to calm down after a busy day, so consider playing one or all of your favorite songs in the background while you work out the details of your session. We don’t recommend listening to music at full volume, but it can help take your mind off things and make you feel more comfortable.

Know your target audience.

Before you start searching for photographers in your area, think about what type of images you want. That’s because most clients don’t need to see every single angle of yourself but instead are looking for that one image that will perfectly express their feelings about your business? They aren’t willing to pay for multiple photos off the same photographer, so if you want more than one or two shots, you have to find a photographer who specializes in what you’re looking for.