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How to Plan a Relaxed Wedding Day

As much fun as it is to see everyone, your wedding day can also cause stress, especially if you’re already prone to anxious feelings.

Your wedding day will come quickly and you definitely don’t want to worry about that morning! Before bed, we had one of our favorite conversations about how important it is for us to be ready in time and how stressful it could be on you if we weren’t. It still helps to get all the details out ahead of time, but this conversation helped me understand how hard you work to make my dream wedding happen and how nervous you must feel when I talk about my day with other people. That gave me pause to think more carefully about what would make you feel uncomfortable and let me know why every detail was necessary. You are worth taking time to plan and care about, and these tips will help you avoid potential hassle on your side while I enjoy watching you walk down the aisle.

Invest in a professional wedding planner or coordinator.

The biggest thing you can do to ease your wedding stress is to hire a professional planner or day-of coordinator. The whole job of a professional planner is to handle all the details, from ensuring your wedding party is lined up and ready to walk down the aisle to make sure your day stays on schedule and goes off without a hitch. A coordinator can even help set up and coordinate your vendors from the caterers to your wedding photographer. Basically, they’re there to make sure everything runs smoothly while you focus on what matters in your marriage!

Choose vendors you love and trust.

Your wedding day will come quickly, so instead of focusing on what you want your look to be like, think about what you need to feel comfortable on your big day. Pay attention to how you felt before your wedding ceremony and make sure that feeling is present on your own wedding day.

Add buffer time into your schedule.

Your wedding day will include plenty of things that you want to accomplish, and getting everything done may even be more important than what style of dress you wear or which flavor of cake to order. However, much like running a marathon, your wedding day will require a certain amount of stamina to get through its various parts. Adding in extra activities can be just as damaging as not enough rest for your body and both cases can result in slower performances and worse results. Even if you only have a few minutes here or there, taking a moment to relax and refocus yourself is worth doing.

Consider doing a first look.

First looks are popular among couples who want to have an official ceremony momenta chance to express their feelings and maybe even get some photos of the big day. A first look is a great way to begin building anticipation for your wedding and offering another opportunity to get excited about being married.

Keep everyone in the know.

Set up a meeting between all your wedding guests (especially those who aren’t local or don’t live near you) so they can plan when to show up at your church, remember things like vestments and caterers and avoid spending time waiting around after flights by having these details addressed early on. Having a clear chain of command makes for smooth planning processes.

Go with the flow.

Your wedding day is not really under your control. You may worry about what to wear or look down at your outfit and want to change clothes. But you’re actually in charge of whatever wardrobe you choose, and that includes deciding which dress you can slip into quickly and easily and which ones require preparation. So focus on living your life and being yourself instead of worrying about what to put on this one part of your wedding day.