How to Prepare for Rain on Your Wedding Day

Rain wedding

Develop a Plan B you absolutely love.

The most obvious way to plan for rain is to have a backup plan, but when you’re choosing a Plan B for your big day, don’t just settle for the closest available indoor venue. Instead, take some time to put planning and thought into your backup plans and make sure there are parts of it that you look forward to seeing again. That way if you do have to move from your original location or choice of venue, you won’t be devastated at having to postpone your wedding week. 

Keep everyone in the loop.

You want all your guests contributing to the fun of your wedding day, not sneaking around feeling jealous or ignored. Ask your family and friends for help and let them know what items you’ll need from them during your cleanup period.

Talk to your vendors.

Before you start making plans, talking to each of your wedding vendors individually is essential. Set up individual meetings with all your potential vendors, because they will need to know what styles of clothes and makeup artists you want working on your face and how much control you want over the process. You also should have clear answers as to when different members of your family will be doing what tasks on your wedding day.

Plan your day as if it will rain.

One of the biggest challenges with hosting a rainy wedding is keeping your guests informed. As soon as it starts raining, you’ll want to let everyone know what changes you have planned. You may decide to move everything inside or just allow people to leave once they make their travel arrangements. Keeping your audience aware can help relieve some of the stress that comes with having a wet wedding!

Have matching accessories ready to go.

There are plenty of places in your wedding budget where you can add extra funds, but one way to save is by purchasing identical decorations or items. Go through your library of contracts and invitations to see what matches and look at how many people were expected at each event. If everything but the cake looks fantastic, you may want to stick with just one color scheme instead of buying every single item again.

Think about the little things.

The smallest details can distract from your special day when it rains, especially if you have a lot going on as a couple. Make sure that you discuss what will happen in the case of rain with your wedding party members so there are no surprises and can be more planning on everyone’s part.

Keep things cozy.

Instead of dressing up, which can be stressful if you’re looking your best, wear one or two cute outfits that make you feel comfortable and look like yourself.

Don’t be afraid to embrace the rain.

On your wedding day, you may fear something going wrong or being caught in the rain. But ignoring the weather is never an option! If it’s raining, then let yourself relax and enjoy the moment. After all, you don’t want to miss out on capturing any of your family member’s and friends’ amazing portraits, do you? And if you are worried about how people will see your bridal party walking down the aisle, remind yourselves that nobody knows exactly where the rain will happen on your wedding day and neither should anyone else.