Hyatt Regency Long Island New York Wedding Anita Owen

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Hyatt Regency Long Island New York Wedding

Anita and Owen were married on May 29th, with a ceremony and reception at the Hyatt Regency Long Island New York Hotel in Hauppauge, NY.

We started out the day with a first look surrounded by the bridal party and family, and then we took some family pictures as well as images with the bridesmaids and groomsmen. Then, we grabbed some pictures of just the two of them before the Baraat.

This was a stunning Indian wedding—and so much fun. There was a horse for the Baraat, but Owen’s groomsmen carried him the rest of the way once they got to the hotel canopy, since they thought it was probably best not to bring a horse in there. After the Baraat, there was a short ceremony with Owen and the priest before he led the procession into the ballroom.

Immediately after the Indian procession and the ceremony, there was a lively cocktail hour for the guests while the bridesmaids and groomsmen changed into their outfits for the American procession. It was fun to get to see these two cultures blending together.

After that, it was time for the reception. That’s always the fun part, especially during an Indian wedding!

Anita & Owen, thank you again for allowing me to be part of this wonderful time in your lives. It was so much fun to be part of this wedding—and I wish you both the best in your future together.

Anita and Owen groomsmen

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Anita and Owen

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Anita and Owen barat

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The first look, saying our own personal vows, the toasts from our family, and of course the dancing,” Akeita sum it up in a few sentences exactly why marrying her best friend and the emotional rollercoaster of organizing the event made the moment so special. “Our overall experience was wonderful and magical. We had such an amazing day!”

Planning for the wedding wasn’t an easy feat, but Akeita and Andrew felt the support of their loved ones and could not imagine a better way to be husband and wife than by sharing a big day with them. Their advice? "Get a wedding planner...Stay organized and never forget why you are doing this...You won't regret personalizing your ceremony."

Most will admit, getting up there and reading personal vows to one another takes a lot of courage. Akeita and Andrew were both nervous to read their our own vows, but managed just fine. A first look was passed between the two prior the ceremony "...it was so nice to have that intimate moment together before the wedding officially began." Having friends there, family, and a wedding planner to make the entire experience go smoothly was the icing on the cake.

We can't wait to see what other once-in-a-lifetime moments Akeita and Andrew have to share with us in the future!

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Our focus is on capturing the story behind that moment. This can often times mean hours of wandering around the castle trying to find the perfect location for it. Finding the best way to present the moment and how to catch the look on their face.