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Jocelyn & Eric | Frankies Spuntino Wedding | Brooklyn NY

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Jocelyn and Eric were married September 14 with an intimate ceremony at Jocelyn’s family home in Queens. Since the ceremony was in the fall, Jocelyn and Eric decided to host a dinner celebration with friends and family in the spring at Frankies Spuntino in Brooklyn. I was honored to be able to capture both events!

Jocelyn and my wife grew up together and played sports in school. So Jocelyn has been a close family friend to us for many years. Eric is in the entertainment industry working in TV and in his spare time produced an independent film called Graceland. 

On the day of the wedding ceremony, we all went to Jocelyn’s house, where family and close friends were waiting. Jocelyn’s uncle performed the ceremony, and it was very personal and moving. After the ceremony, I took Jocelyn and Eric for a stroll around the block, and we took some images of their private first moments as official husband and wife.

A few months later, we all met again at Frankies. This was a bigger group of well-wishers, and everyone was so happy to be there to celebrate this couple. Jocelyn designed all the flowers, and the setting was perfect for this gathering!

There was one moment at the reception when one of the couple’s guests was not feeling well, and to my surprise, it turned out that seven of Jocelyn’s uncles were doctors. Needless to say, this gentleman was totally safe. It turned out to be a short interruption, and everyone was fine and enjoyed the reception.

Thank you, Jocelyn and Eric, for trusting me with both of these special days—I loved every part of it. It was a wonderful celebration with great friends.Frankies-Spuntino-Wedding-Rob-Allen-Photography-WEB 1 Frankies-Spuntino-Wedding-Rob-Allen-Photography-WEB 2

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