Kassandra and Rafael | Grand Prospect Hall Wedding | Brooklyn, NY

May 28, 2015

Grand-Prospect-Hall-Wedding-Rob-Allen-Photography-WEB 16 Kassandra and Rafael were married on April 11 with a ceremony at Saint Matthew’s Church, followed by a reception at the Grand Prospect Hall in Brooklyn, NY.

I started the morning at the La Quinta Inn & Suites in Brooklyn Downtown with Kassie and her family and bridesmaids as they got ready. Alexandria Cintron did the ladies’ makeup and Jacquel Sy worked her magic on their hair. Kassandra and her mom and sister created all the floral arrangements and I thought they did an amazing job!

Then we headed off to the church, which because of NYC traffic made a 10-minute drive 40 minutes! Luckily, the girls took it all in stride. The service at the church beautiful and so meaningful. Rafael was so excited to see his bride.

Then we were off to the Grand Prospect Hall for the reception. The hotel is about 118 years old and was very cool to see that it has been kept up. My favorite image was of Kassandra and Rafael in the restored birdcage elevator. A perfect backdrop for these two wonderful people in love.

Thank you, Kassie & Rafael, for allowing me to capture this special day! It was a perfect New York wedding.

Grand-Prospect-Hall-Wedding-Rob-Allen-Photography-WEB 1 Grand-Prospect-Hall-Wedding-Rob-Allen-Photography-WEB 2 Grand-Prospect-Hall-Wedding-Rob-Allen-Photography-WEB 3 Grand-Prospect-Hall-Wedding-Rob-Allen-Photography-WEB 4

Grand-Prospect-Hall-Wedding-Rob-Allen-Photography-WEB 5 Grand-Prospect-Hall-Wedding-Rob-Allen-Photography-WEB 6 Grand-Prospect-Hall-Wedding-Rob-Allen-Photography-WEB 7

Grand-Prospect-Hall-Wedding-Rob-Allen-Photography-WEB 8 Grand-Prospect-Hall-Wedding-Rob-Allen-Photography-WEB 9

Grand-Prospect-Hall-Wedding-Rob-Allen-Photography-WEB 10Grand-Prospect-Hall-Wedding-Rob-Allen-Photography-WEB 11Grand-Prospect-Hall-Wedding-Rob-Allen-Photography-WEB 12

Grand-Prospect-Hall-Wedding-Rob-Allen-Photography-WEB 13Grand-Prospect-Hall-Wedding-Rob-Allen-Photography-WEB 14Grand-Prospect-Hall-Wedding-Rob-Allen-Photography-WEB 15

Grand-Prospect-Hall-Wedding-Rob-Allen-Photography-WEB 17Grand-Prospect-Hall-Wedding-Rob-Allen-Photography-WEB 18Grand-Prospect-Hall-Wedding-Rob-Allen-Photography-WEB 19Grand-Prospect-Hall-Wedding-Rob-Allen-Photography-WEB 20Grand-Prospect-Hall-Wedding-Rob-Allen-Photography-WEB 21Grand-Prospect-Hall-Wedding-Rob-Allen-Photography-WEB 22