The most powerful wedding photos will take you right back to the moment, and make you feel the same emotions all over again. From the groom’s first glance at his bride as she walks down the aisle towards him, to the bridesmaid wiping away a tear during the vows, from the laughter of the wedding party to a best man’s joke during his speech, to the look of joy on a family member’s face as they’re cutting up the dancefloor later that evening, these are the kinds of moments that you’ll love to remember.

Many brides and grooms opt for posed and group photos of their wedding party, family and friends, but then find that their most treasured photos are of candid moments. Part of a wedding photographer’s role is to be constantly on the lookout for unexpected photo opportunities, and I’ll try to stay one step ahead of the bride and groom throughout their wedding day, in order to anticipate the perfect photo opportunities. Every second is spent watching for hugs and kisses, laughter, and meaningful looks - unstaged moments of love that truly represent what the day is all about.

There are many classic moments throughout a traditional wedding ceremony and reception that have the potential to produce amazing candid shots to remember your big day by. These can include the congratulatory moments between the bride and groom and their guests following the ceremony, the entrance of the bride and groom into the reception venue, the cutting of the cake, and the bouquet or garter toss, for example. The dance floor is also a brilliant place to capture natural and unexpected photos of guests dancing, laughing and celebrating.

The pre-ceremony preparation can produce incredible candid shots between the bride and groom and their respective wedding parties - some of my favorite candid wedding moments include the reaction of a bride’s father when he sees her in her dress, the bridesmaids sharing a cheeky glass of champagne as they get their hair done, and the groom’s best man helping him with his tie.