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As a photographer who revels in every chance to shoot couples, I have a serious affinity for beautiful wedding venues. Indeed, although weddings are beautiful no matter where they’re held, there is just something about pulling up to a picturesque setting that gets my creative juices flowing. In this case, the Ryland Inn served as a perfect backdrop for my clients, Rob and Kelsey Woehnker.

About the Couple

While I often have instant chemistry with my clients, I am always delighted when I get a chance to shoot my repeat clients. Since I had already shot Kelsey and JT engagement photoshoot, I was ecstatic to get an opportunity to capture their big day. Some of the couple’s favorite moments were when their son ran down the aisle before the ceremony, the daddy/daughter dance, and watching everyone dancing in Santa hats. As the person behind the camera for these moments, I totally agree.

Shooting at Ryland

Ryland Inn is one of the places you need to see in person to fully understand how magical it is. Honestly, it reminds me of a super swanky spot you might see in your favorite Julia Roberts Romcom. Massive and filled with enchanting décor, the Ryland Inn is a setting that can allow you to shoot for hours without running out of ideas.

Looking for a Brooklyn Wedding Photographer?

When asked to advise engaged couples on wedding planning, Kelsey asserted that couples should choose a photographer who truly wants to get to know them and cares about their vision above their own. But, no matter who you choose to book your sessions with, make sure you are working with someone who is dedicated to capturing the magic of your big day and all the big and small moments that make it that much more special.