The Manor Ashley and Alena wedding

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All weddings are memorable, but since same-sex marriages are a relatively new phenomenon, I always feel honored when I am entrusted with capturing the photos for such a monumental event. This experience is always magnified when the couple also came to me for their engagement shoot, as the Marra’s had. So, it was almost impossible for me not to be genuinely excited about this event.

More Details about the Event

The couple had decided to have their ceremony at The Manor, which is a venue well-known for its magnificence and sheer regal ambiance. Both brides chose to get their dresses from David’s Bridal, a store where you can find virtually any style or color you are searching for. Each of the brides chose dresses that seemed to celebrate their unique senses of personal style while also complementing one another beautifully.

Advice from the Couple

When asked for any advice they could offer couples in terms of the planning and execution of their wedding ceremony, it’s to not sweat the small stuff. According to the Marra’s, the small things often feel much more significant than they are at the time. However, in the grand scheme of things, the most important thing to focus on is that you are looking and feeling your best while standing next to the person you have chosen to spend forever with.

Looking for a Brooklyn Wedding Photographer?

Shooting the Marra’s was a momentous occasion for us all. The two brides looked terrific in their dresses, and the entire wedding party seemed to be enamored with their love for one another. I am thankful that they chose me to shoot their event and hope to see them for other romantic moments in the future. Either way, if you are searching for a Brooklyn Wedding photographer, make sure you choose one who is passionate and helps you capture a collection of timeless memories that you will be proud to display.