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Unique & Seku | Pelham Bay Wedding | Bronx, NY

Unique and Seku were married on July 15 with a ceremony and reception at the Pelham Bay & Split Rock Golf Courses. The venue is actually located in New York City’s largest public park, Pelham Bay, in the Bronx.

The couple had an evening wedding, and I met up with Unique and her bridesmaids and spent some time with them as they finished getting ready. I connected with Seku and his groomsmen for some portraits as well. Then, Unique and Seku chose to have a quick first-look shoot before the festivies began.

Pelham-Bay-Wedding-New-York-NY-Rob-Allen-Photography_0001 Pelham-Bay-Wedding-New-York-NY-Rob-Allen-Photography_0002 Pelham-Bay-Wedding-New-York-NY-Rob-Allen-Photography_0003 Pelham-Bay-Wedding-New-York-NY-Rob-Allen-Photography_0004

Pelham-Bay-Wedding-New-York-NY-Rob-Allen-Photography_0012 Pelham-Bay-Wedding-New-York-NY-Rob-Allen-Photography_0005 Pelham-Bay-Wedding-New-York-NY-Rob-Allen-Photography_0006

The ceremony was held outdoors under the venue’s gorgeous gazebo. I loved the incredibly sweet moment of Seku walking his mom to her seat, followed by Unique escorted by her parents down the aisle.

Pelham-Bay-Wedding-New-York-NY-Rob-Allen-Photography_0007 Pelham-Bay-Wedding-New-York-NY-Rob-Allen-Photography_0008

Unique and Seku incorporated traditional touches into their wedding day and paid homage to their African-American background by jumping the broom at the end of the ceremony.

Pelham-Bay-Wedding-New-York-NY-Rob-Allen-Photography_0009 Pelham-Bay-Wedding-New-York-NY-Rob-Allen-Photography_0010 Pelham-Bay-Wedding-New-York-NY-Rob-Allen-Photography_0011

From the ceremony, we all moved right into the reception.

Pelham-Bay-Wedding-New-York-NY-Rob-Allen-Photography_0013 Pelham-Bay-Wedding-New-York-NY-Rob-Allen-Photography_0014 Pelham-Bay-Wedding-New-York-NY-Rob-Allen-Photography_0015 Pelham-Bay-Wedding-New-York-NY-Rob-Allen-Photography_0016

My favorite part of the evening was capturing the truly emotional moment when Seku got all choked up during his reception speech. There was not a dry eye in the house!

Pelham-Bay-Wedding-New-York-NY-Rob-Allen-Photography_0017 Pelham-Bay-Wedding-New-York-NY-Rob-Allen-Photography_0018

I loved watching the happy couple having some fun dancing together at their reception. In fact, I got some really great reception party shots. Unique and Seku had such a fun group of guests who were a blast on the dance floor.

Pelham-Bay-Wedding-New-York-NY-Rob-Allen-Photography_0019 Pelham-Bay-Wedding-New-York-NY-Rob-Allen-Photography_0020

Thank you so much Unique and Seku for sharing your special day with me! I love remembering this beautiful summer wedding.