Virtual engagement photo session Dover, Delaware

One of the many things I love about what I do is connecting with my clients. Now with CORONA-19 that puts a real disconnection between us. Kristen and Corey’s wedding is not until next year but we were scheduled for an engagement session at Brooklyn Botanical Gardens this month. With the uncertainty when BBG will open, I used technology and put it to work with photography. And using Facebook for our virtual engagement session was the key. 

In these times that are coming, we have to think differently, and knowing that we are separate, we are together. A series on Youtube that John Krasinski hosts called Some Good News brings so much positive to this world really makes a difference. The one episode that struck me the most was the virtual graduations. After watching, I reached out to my clients and set up a virtual engagement photo session with Kristen and Corey at their home in Delaware while I was in Brooklyn New York. And now the technical part. All the pictures were taken are from Kristen’s iPhone that I controlled using the Facebook app. Later, when it’s legal and safe to be face-to-face, we’ll follow up with an in-person photo session. This is a great alternative to social distancing and keeping connected with my clients during these challenging times. 

If you are interested in talking more about a virtual photo session, please reach out to me. I would love to hear your story and work with you to my your dreams come true. 



Virtual engagement photo session 01

Virtual engagement photo session 02

Virtual engagement photo session 03

Virtual engagement photo session 04


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