Why Professional Headshots Are Important

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Why Professional Headshots Are Important

When you hear the word “headshot,” there a lot of people who associate it actors, models, and entertainment. That’s why professional headshots are important. Just like an actor or model, representing yourself with images that convey your personality is the first step in a business relationship. That’s why hiring a professional photographer is key to capture “your look.” Several years back, social media was just starting to take off. But today it is more present that we could have imagined and entwined into every aspect of our lives. Your professional headshot is not only for social media profile pictures but also for the professional world. When it comes to professional networking websites like LinkedIn, as well as business and company websites it helps to have a high-quality image. Here are some reasons to consider a professional headshot.

1. People buy from people first.

Professionals like real estate agents have known this truth for years. They’ve had a professional image associated with their listings and their marketing ads for years. That’s because even though a brand name like Sotheby’s or Prudential carries a professional weight, it is ultimately the agent the client will deal with. The true “faces” of a business are the people behind the company—the people who have a direct relationship with the client. By having a professional headshot, it helps a company to appear more human. It also is the first step towards building a relationship with a customer.
A professional headshot is an introduction to a prospective customer. It is the first step toward building trust with that customer. There’s a saying in sales, “People buy from people first.” And it’s true. People are more willing to do business with someone they trust. Having a professional headshot adds creditability to your website presence and can help to establish the start of a successful business relationship.

2. The right headshot says a lot about you

Think of your headshot as an extension of your personal brand. A picture taken with a cell phone or an image where friends or family are cropped out might be okay in some industries, but in a client-facing position, the wrong headshot could send the wrong image to your customers. Before a customer even has a chance to meet you, that headshot is the very first impression that you’ve made. The wrong image could say that you aren’t concerned about professionalism or that you don’t take your position seriously. Conversely, an old and out of date picture might send a message that you aren’t technologically savvy enough to update your picture. Even if the impression is wrong, making a bad first impression—even with only a headshot can affect the success of your business.
Here are some tips on taking a great professional headshot.
  • Get a current headshot that reflects how you look now. You don’t want to mislead your customers just to look nice on the internet.
  • Update your headshot when your appearance changes. If you’ve changed your hair, lost or gained weight, grown a beard or changed your style, have a professional photographer take a new headshot.
  • Update your headshot every two years to stay current.
  • Before your professional photography session, let your photographer know your preference for a background. Many photographers use white or grey backdrops because of their clean appearance. In some professions, an action shot might be more appropriate. Like an interior designer might prefer a headshot in a beautifully decorated room instead of a solid color. Make sure to communicate your needs with your photographer.
  • Avoid wearing a plain black or white jacket. Unless you’re wearing a white lab coat, opt for a jacket or top with color.
  • Get high-resolution photos that can be used both in print and online.
When you visit a website or blog that doesn’t look very professional, it’s easy to make judgments and formulate opinions about the company and the quality of work they offer. The same goes for your headshot. Make sure that your headshot puts your best face forward to make the best first impression possible.

3. Headshots are the 21st Century Business Cards

When you look someone up on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram, the first thing you see is that profile image. That avatar, profile image, and header image set the tone of the rest of the page. There might be thousands of Jane Smiths, but when you link the name with a face, it adds a new layer of interaction. That image is the first step in what could be a long-lasting professional relationship. Professional headshots are everywhere, from the “About Me” pages of small businesses to the board of directors of a Fortune 500 company.
In this age of instant communication, your headshot is the first step in building a connection with customers, co-workers, and employers. Not having your image on the internet is like not having a business card at a marketing event. A professional headshot helps people to connect with you, starts building trust and is the best way to make a first impression on the internet. Make the best first impression with a headshot that reflects your professional personality.
If you’re interested in setting up a portrait session for a new professional headshot, please make sure to contact me to set up a session.